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NC 14 - 11
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Product Overview

This stunning originally hand etched Eco Ivory Frolicking Mermaid design on a Stainless Steel Silver Hawk Knife.  The back of the knife has a belt clip and all the knifes come with the pictured sheath. It is a lock blade knife and a useful pocket knife.  The artwork was originally hand etched by Hamlin Gilmore.  The dimensions of the Silver Hawk knife with the blade closed are 3.00" x 0.96" x 0.55".  The blade itself is approximately 2.35" making the width of the knife with an open blade 5.35".  The SKU is NC 14 - 11.

The unique artwork has a Mermaid swimming with dolphins and turtles.The artwork was made by Hamlin Gilmore.  He is based out of Maui.  An Art School Graduate, and has been a scrimshander for fifty years.  He is a highly collected modern scrimshaw artist.  

The resin scrimshaw piece is originally hand etched by Hamlin Gilmore.  We make a mold of the original piece and do an open cast pour of our resin mixture.  The pieces are removed from the mold and sanded and inked.

We believe that serving nature is one of the commissions that we as humans have been given here on earth.  We wish to lend our resources to those charged with protecting elephants from poaching for their ivory. 

On a monthly basis we donate to organizations whose purpose to protect the elephants and other species throughout the planet.  We focus our donations on organizations that put the money to good use and have a low overhead. With the majority of incoming funds going back to saving the elephants!


  • Hand Etched Acrylic Resin Scrimshaw 
  • Originally Hand Etched in the USA! USA Flag
  • Silver Hawk Knife
    • Stainless Steel 
    • Belt Clip
  • Nautical Design
    • Mermaid 
    • Dolphins
    • Turtle
  • Save the Elephant Collection

Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee. If your product breaks or you come across any issues, please contact us with the product name and a picture.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review