About Resin Scrimshaw

What is Resin Scrimshaw?

 Newport Collection is a recreation of the art form of Scrimshaw. It is an American folk art that began over 200 years ago. The original design is hand done and beautifully etched in keeping with the Scrimshaw tradition.

 The polymer we use to produce our product captures all the fine detailed etching of the original design. This recreation has been completely hand finished.


How we make our Resin scrimshaw


We take a blank piece of corian and hand etch it just like we would to antique ivory.


We then make a mold of the hand etched corian piece
Once the mold has set, we then mix our own mixture of resin.
We pour the resin mix into our molds and then the molds are placed into a heated pressure pot.
After a set time, the molds are removed from the pressure pots.
The resin pieces are then sanded and inked and set in the appropriate findings.