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LO 139V
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Product Overview

This unique hand etched Mermaid design on a bovine bone Letter Opener with a foldable knife.  The beautiful design has the Mermaid resting along the shoreline.  This beautiful letter opener is part of the Scrimshaw Collection, with those words laser engraved into the blade.  The Letter Opener has a stainless steel knife.  The dimensions of the Letter Opener with the blade closed are 7.75" x 0.63" x 0.42".  The blade itself is approximately 2.16" making the width of the knife with an open blade 9.77".  The SKU is LO 409C.

The scrimshaw is inked with black india ink and sealed with renaissance wax, which is used by museums for antique restoration.  It also helps bring out the beauty of the artwork as well as in the cow bone. The knife is water resistant, but not waterproof.

The back of the letter opener is a blank Bovine bone.  Personal messages can be added.  It is $15 for one additional line, or $25 for two lines of text to be added to the back.  This can be selected in the personalized settings.  

The artwork was originally hand etched by Bill Feeney. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Saint Francis College in Bidderford, Maine, In 1973 I accepted a teaching position at Westport High School where I met Robert Rayno, the art teacher. As part of the class curriculum, he taught a section on scrimshaw. I sat in on many of his classes and purchased the necessary tools and ivory to begin etching. Combining my natural artistic ability with the techniques learned from Mr. Rayno, the cornerstone of "Spouting Whale" was established.

Each letter opener is hand etched, and there will be some minor differences between each opener.  


Hand Etched Bovine Bone Letter Opener
Originally Hand Etched in the USA!
Letter Opener
     Stainless Steel Blade
     Bovine Bone Scales
     Foldable Blade
Nautical Design
     Hand Etched
Scrimshaw Collection

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