Cross Alaskan Jade Ivory 14K Gold French Wire Earring | F&F Inc.

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Product Overview

Cross Alaskan Jade 14K Gold French Wire Earring | F&F Inc.

This elegant Cross shaped Alaskan Jade piece is inlaid into a 14K gold french wire earring.  The measurements of the earrings are approximately .87 x .63".  The product ID is EJ-1210-G.

It is a 14K plate on sterling silver. The plating is with 30mils of 14k gold. Typically plating is done with 3mils of gold. We work with the extra gold plating to ensure your beautiful jewelry piece will have a strong gold color for years to come!!

Genuine Jade (nephrite) is a fascinating gemstone and the state gem of Alaska. In prehistoric times, prized for its toughness, jade was used to make weapons, tools and later simple ornaments. Jade purportedly can protect you from evil, attract love and of course bring you good luck. It is now regarded as a symbol of energy and beauty. Stimulating creativity and mental agility along with harmony and balance. The jade we use comes from the Nana Region of Alaska.

Enjoy your unique piece of history!


  • Made in the USA!!
  • Alaskan Jade
  • Cross Shaped Mammoth Ivory
  • French Wire
  • 14K Gold
  • Lifetime Guarantee!!

Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee. If your product breaks or you come across any issues, please contact us with the product name and a picture.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review