Bear, Wolf, Eagle Eco - Ivory Scrimshaw Zippo Lighter | Save the Elephant Collection

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NC 54 - 165
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Product Overview

This is a beautiful originally hand etched Eco-Ivory Scrimshaw Bear, Wolf and Eagle Face Designed Zippo! The top of the flip lighter has a Eagle design.  The Zippo is a Brushed Chrome finish. Each lighter has a bottom stamp signifying the year it was made, is refillable. All windproof lighters are American made in Bradford, PA factory and come packaged in a gift box.  This is part of the Save the Elephant Collection and was originally hand etched by Linda Layden.  The SKU is NC 54 - 165.

The Zippo Lighter is 2.24" x 1.51" x 0.59".  It weighs 2.04 oz.

Linda Layden developed an interest in Scrimshaw after viewing a collection belonging to journalist Roger Hawthorne, who traveled with Admiral Bird on an expedition to Antarctica.  In 1971, after becoming interested in the whaling era and the natural materials used, she began making scrimshaw items for friends and family.  She specialized in wildlife and scenic motifs.  Soon after, her work was being commissioned by art lovers and collectors throughout the world.  

The resin scrimshaw piece is hand etched on corian, which cuts like ivory.  We then make a mold of the original piece and do an open cast pour of our resin mixture.  The pieces are removed from the mold and sanded and inked to be placed on their size appropriate findings.  

We believe that serving nature is one of the commissions that we as humans have been given here on earth.  We wish to lend our resources to those charged with protecting elephants from poaching for their ivory. 

On a monthly basis we donate to organizations whose purpose to protect the elephants and other species throughout the planet.  We focus our donations on organizations that put the money to good use and have a low overhead. With the majority of incoming funds going back to saving the elephants!



  • Hand Etched Acrylic Resin Scrimshaw 
  • Made in the USA! USA Flag
  • Zippo Lighter
    • Brushed Chrome Finish Zippo Lighter
  • Tri - Animal Design
    • Bear, Wolf, Eagle Face Design 
    • Eagle Face Top Design
  • Save the Elephant Collection

Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee. If your product breaks or you come across any issues, please contact us with the product name and a picture.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review