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NC04 - MA
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Product Overview

This is our beautiful Alaskan Moose Antler Pocket Keychain Multi-Function Knife.  The Alaskan Moose Antler handle is on the front of the knife handle.  The blade is made out of a 440 Stainless Steel.  The dimensions of our knife with the blade closed is 1.76" x 1.1" closed.  The dimensions of the knife with the blade(s) opened is 2.93" x 1.1".  The chain with key ring holder is an addition 2.2".  The product ID # NC 04-MA.

Alaskan Moose Antler is a unique material for our handles.  Moose drop their antler so no animals are harmed.  

The pocket keychain knife comes with 4 blades. 

  1. Knife blade - Meaures approximately 1.1" opened.
  2. Nail File - Meaures approximately 1.1" opened.
  3. Can Opener - Measures approximately 1.26" opened.
  4. Bottle Opener - Measures approximately 1.26" opened.
    1. Screwdriver 3.5mm 




  • Knife handle and blade is 440 Stainless Steel
  • Multi function Key Chain Knife
  • Alaskan Moose Antler Handle

Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee. If your product breaks or you come across any issues, please contact us with the product name and a picture.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review